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This post is about a fourth semester project that our group did. The project was featured in Roskilde 2010 Festival. I was responsible for electronics part of the product.

Everything started form an idea...

Decision was made to create something that would make it easier for people to "break the ice". There were several iterations of the product till Music Box was born. We decided on creating a rotary sequencer. There were two versions that were used for real-world testing.

Implementation... v1.0

First test was done in a club called Culture Box.  This is where the first iteration of the Music Box v1.0 was used. It has a really simple design. Activation of the steps is done by some push-buttons with levers. Levers move and push a button when a can is inserted into a hole.

There were four of these boards because each has 8 inputs that are sent through 1 channel (in normal words it is 8:1 mux).

For indicating which step the sequencer was on we used LED's that went from the inside of the circle to the outer most hole.

LED's are controlled by Arduino via serial-in-parallel-out shift register.


Now some photos from the Culture Box...

And this is me deeply thinking about how well it works :)


Do not forget to watch in High Quality...

Exam presentation video


Stress testing Music Box


Inserting LED's


Pitch for RedBull


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